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Pilates is very beneficial for rotational sports such as tennis. Tennis is a high-speed, high-impact, power-based sport. It is a one-sided game which places extra demands on the back, hips and knees.  Players can suffer from the extra demands on the dominant side of the body but through training the deep stablising muscles of the body, Pilates can help to reduce the muscular work of the superficial muscles, generating more power and an efficient transfer of energy throughout the body. Dynamic stretching and flexibility exercises improve mobility and the range of motion, so improving your game. 

I love Pilates and I'm a runner. I believe it offers significant benefits, by constantly engaging your muscles and working the core your posture in running is improved, your breathing is controlled, you build strength in the deepest muscles, particularly the core and the muscles that support the spine. You incorporate upper body work, especially the back, it stretches and strengthens the hamstrings,, hips and glutes. In our classes we focus on all the areas that runners need to improve their performance and avoid injury.