Please get in touch if you have a question about the classes not answered here.


Is there a beginners class ?

Some of my classes are mixed ability as Pilates is a layered form of exercises, with levels offered which means that you can work at the right pace for how you feel on a particular day.  I offer a Gentle class on a Tuesday, ideal for those wanting to experience the benefits of Pilates but at a slower pace, or who are new to this form of exercise.  The Tuesday Beginner class is an ideal introduction to Pilates. 

Do I have to bring any equipment with me?

Please bring a mat and small towel for your head. You will also need a stretchy band. 

Is there an age limit ? 

In short , no! My clients are in their 30s to their 80s. Pilates is suitable for most people as it can be modified. Bodyweight exercises improve the strength & stability of joints and balance & flexibility is improved. It is an ideal system of exercise as we age. Please contact me to discuss a suitable class. 

What should I wear ?

Comfortable clothes such as leggings or shorts, tracksuit and t-shirt are ideal. Pilates is usually done in bare feet or socks (those with a grip are best). 

Is Pilates for men ? 

Definitely ! The number of men participating in my classes has steadily increased (The All Blacks, Andy Murray and David Beckham have all used Pilates in their training). Pilates stretches tight muscles, brings mobility to joints, increases core strength and helps relieve mental stress. If you're looking to improve your sport, combat repetitive stresses from daily life or simply to reverse or halt the effects of aging, then Pilates my be what you need.